Saturday, January 23, 2021


Greetings from The Fabric Shop Network! Here is a quick update on our association efforts to promote Local Quilt Shop Day 2021. To say that we are excited about Local Quilt Shop Day—coming up on Saturday, Jan. 23, 2021—is quite an understatement. After this challenging year, we cannot say goodbye soon enough! The Fabric Shop Network team is working to create global excitement for Local Quilt Shop Day 2021. Our efforts are targeted to kick off the New Year of 2021 with the most shared, chatted about, and beloved Quilt Shop Day event ever.



Quilters can read about Local Quilt Shop Day across the United States and in some parts of Canada in The Country Register. The Fabric Shop Network and The Country Register co-authored an article that encourages all quilters to SAVE THE DATE and plan to visit their local quilt shop in person or online on Saturday, Jan. 23, 2021. The article also grants "permission" for all quilters in every local area to purchase something quiltable and wonderful for themselves. After all, it is a nationally recognized holiday. (Husbands will understand!)



The Fabric Shop Network believes that Local Quilt Shop Day should be proclaimed across the United States. That's why our team worked this week to contact governor's offices, requesting an official proclamation in celebration of Local Quilt Shop Day. We learned that each state has different guidelines to follow for proclamations for extraordinary state or local events. While we know that Local Quilt Shop Day deserves special recognition, we are waiting with our fingers crossed to find out if state agencies will grant our requests to proclaim it.



The Fabric Shop Network will be sponsoring a LOVE LETTER Facebook Contest for Local Quilt Shop Day. We believe that thousands of quilters across North America share our affection for local quilt shops. It seemed natural to ask them to post a note of gratitude to their favorite local quilt shop.


To participate, quilters simply need to affirm their undying love for their favorite local quilt shop and post a love letter at Quilt Shop Day

Ten lucky winners will receive a Valentine Swag Bag from The Fabric Shop Network. Rules for this contest are as follows:


Get Your Swag Local Quilt Shop Day Love Letter Contest

Enter to Win in January 2021



1. Post a love note to your local quilt shop on Local Quilt Shop Day's  Facebook Page at Quilt Shop Day

.   Be sure to mention "Local Quilt Shop Day, Jan. 23, 2021." Winners will be chosen based on quilters' finest 

   comments and testimonials about their favorite local quilt shop. In other words, do not hold back!


2. Tag your favorite quilt shop in your Facebook Love Letter post.


3. Share your post with at least one sewing or quilting group on Facebook.


4. REGISTER ONLINE at Quilt Shop Day

    to become eligible to win one of 10 Valentine Swag Bags from The Fabric Shop Network. When you register,

    you will also receive a subscription to "Shop Local News".



Entry is open to all quilters, but is limited to just one post, one photo, and one testimonial per favorite local quilt shop. We know how much you love your local quilt shop, so pour all your enthusiasm into just one post.

The Fabric Shop Network will select winners based on the level of passion and creativity in championing their favorite local quilt shop through their Facebook posts that appear online between Jan. 1 and Jan. 23, 2021 Winners will be announced by Jan. 31, 2021. A published list of winners' names will be available at

Quilt Shop Day




Super Bowl Sunday

Sew Day
UFO – Food - Fun

Sunday February 7, 2021

10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  Fee: $10.00

⦁    UFO sewing – Angie will be there to help if you have a question regarding a project.

⦁    Turkey Chili – Corn Bread – Chips and Dip provided

⦁    Minimum of 4 Maximum 8.  Call us at (530) 586-4111 to reserve your spot as seats are limited.

⦁    20% discount on all purchases for the day.
Cannot be used with any other discounts.